White Night

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Her last case nearly killed her. After a year fighting her way back from life-threatening injuries, Homicide Detective Jen Connors is finally reinstated, but tough questions still surround her actions that night.
Now, partnered with the controversial Detective Alan Ross—a move she suspects is designed to end her career—she faces a homicide case that quickly spirals into a horrifying twist of death, terror and survival as the mysterious “White Night” event threatens more than just their lives.
But there’s more to Alan Ross than the department rumors suggest. He could just be the best partner she’s ever had, or her last. Together, they are the city’s strongest chance at preventing White Night’s destruction and stopping a killer who uses every resource, including the NYPD themselves, to carry out his plan for redemption...

The Black

(Future Release)

How the hell did this happen?


Detective Jen Connors’ back stiffened against the cold glass panel. The man pinned her against it, his hands traveling over her body, feeling through her clothes, and there wasn't a damn thing she could do about it. Billionaire Theo Black, known to the world as 'The Black', stared at her with dark eyes, his ivory skin glowing in the pale light, framed by jet black hair. The corner of his mouth lifted as he looked at her body, but she was frozen, the shock melting her muscles.

Caroline’s murder had consumed her for days, but now the next few minutes would determine her own survival.

Connors put her hand on his arm, blocking its terrifying wandering, but The Black’s bodyguard stepped forward, her weapon still extended and trained on Connors’ head. Connors looked at her, trying to connect with her, another woman, to let her out of this, but the bodyguard’s eyes were ice.

It was insanity, Connors was armed, and even without her weapon she’d have fought like an alley cat to get his hands off her body. But The Black had whispered the words that held her still and let him lift her hand off his arm: “Move an inch and my people in Colorado will slit your nephew’s throat within the hour.”

It was on her to survive this, protect him, and find Caroline's killer. But he moved his hands again, slowly sliding them down under the waistband of her pants, and she reached for her Glock. To hell with the bodyguard, it stopped now even if it killed them all.


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